Why Us?

Here at Si Media & Sales Group, we offer business solutions through our bilingual, multi-cultural call center. Our agents are held to the highest of standards, are given the best training, as well as the latest technology to give them the best opportunity to succeed. Ensuring your success alongside ours. With the use of our English and Spanish agent teams, we can market and cater to a larger client base, which in return means higher sales and more opportunities for your business to grow.

Our Goal

To be the leading company providing bilingual call center business solutions, telemarketing sales revenue, and BPO solutions (Business Processers Outsourcing) for our business partners. Our goal is to help our partners reach their goals through our unique business model and through our various business solutions services.

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At Si Media & Sales Group, we believe that projecting positivity and always maintaining a positive attitude, produces positive results. For the past 4 years, this model has proven true!

Good communication is always key, as a call center, we believe this to be especially true. Here at Si Media & Sales Group, we have an open-door policy between our employees and management. Our agents have just as much to offer, and to gain, from the betterment of the business. Therefore, we implemented weekly open meetings to make sure that nothing is overlooked, and that every opinion or suggestion is considered to ensure we are running the best possible business.

Here at Si Media & Sales Group we believe and have proven, the old saying, “Quality over Quantity”. We have maintained our small sized call center, but exceeded the results of our larger competitors, by using only the best. We use the highest quality technology available and we only hire the highest quality agents we can find. Which allows us to provide the highest quality service to your clients and for you, our business partner.

We are positive people, providing positive results for you and your business!

Here at Si Media & Sales Group, our close-knit call center, is not just employees and managers, but we are a close-knit family as well. We have only hired the best men and women we could find that met our high qualifications. This ensures their abilities in problem-solving, handling of business situations, and customer service skills are all proven and tested. Most importantly they maintain a friendly, professional, and positive attitude with every call. By only hiring the best, we can guarantee the best results for your business!

Edson Lucia, Director of Administration and Co-Founder of Si Media & Sales Group.

With proven experience in managing resources and implementing aggressive strategies to create engaged and productive business relationships, Edson Lucia and Ayres Santos share their positive and progressive vision in the management and leadership of this growing company.

"In SI Media & Sales Group we have a great secret for success: recruit the best staff, which we value, train them in their own language and provide them a positive work environment, in return, we get their best attitude and performance to benefit our commercial partners."(Edson Lucia)

Our Partners

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Internet and Voice provider across the country.

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